Operative decision-making


Our approach assists you throughout the whole decision-making process, starting from identification of systematic errors in reasoning, creation of individual psychological profiles and training your people how to reduce the effects of biases up to a comprehensive bias-audit of existing business processes.

Together with our partner, TU Dresden, we have developed the DELPHI TRAINING, which provides you with grounded and practice-oriented knowledge about decision-making patterns in business processes. The training is aimed at those who want to learn to recognize their own biases and to reduce their effects. Our interactive training concept encompasses case studies, role playing games, self-assessment exercises and questionnaires. With DELPHI TRAINING you can transparently visualize and deeply understand individual and collective distortions that influence decisions. The content and duration of the training are tailored to your individual needs.

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Strategic decision-making

Applied foresight research

With our solutions in applied foresight you get curated and carefully reviewed research articles, publications and case studies that extend your professional expertise and navigate your strategic moves.


Creative brainstorming and future-oriented workshops

Seeking a different perspective? Our alternative brainstorming techniques and future-oriented workshops help you tackle problems and develop new ideas, both individually and in group setting. The techniques in our toolkit range from well-structured to visionary and fantasy thinking. We help you get rid of your mental pitfalls and facilitate creative mindflow.


Technology assessment consulting services

Our approach is aimed at creation and promotion of grounded assumptions about the potential of a technology in a dynamic environment. The toolkit of Orange ´n´ square includes foresight, forecasting, technology assessment and technology roadmapping.


Media- and patent-based trend analysis


The dynamics of the modern world requires timely and comprehensive expertise. Together with our partner, MAPEGY, we provide up-to-date reports and analytics about the latest innovations and developments in given sectors / technologies.

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