How uses time limits to urge your rash decisions

This time of year a lot of people are planning their vacation or searching for nice properties by the sea and booking hotels for the months to come. How much time do you spend looking for a destination for your next holidays? Most of our respondents admit they spend up to two weeks comparing rental offers. Yet at the same time, internet booking platforms are trying to fasten our decision-making process. How time limits set by urge us to book faster? Appeal to scarcity of rental offers. Instead of showing you a long, infinite list with available properties, shows you how many (or better - how very few) rooms for each property are still available on their site. Our ins

What behavioural tricks cause you to shop with ABOUT YOU

Today we will be scrutinizing behavioral marketing tools behind ABOUT YOU. What should you know about ABOUT YOU before you start shopping with them. I love shopping online. I’m not a shopaholic, but it’s damn easy and saves tons of time. Especially when you see famous sportsmen or influences wearing trendy stuff...You know what I mean. Did you notice that we are not just customers anymore? In the world of Ecommerce we are being involved into marketing interactions - we become part of the marketing team, add value to brands and promote clothes by commenting on our latest purchases. ABOUT YOU is one of the platforms that exploit psychological tools and tricks to increase your emotional attachm

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