Our solutions enable you to make competent decisions on the operative and strategic levels.

  •     Optimization of planning and internal control system in the company

  •     Improvement of decision-making processes in the company

  •     Ideation in strategic decision-making


The quality of our decisions and estimations is often mitigated by psychological anomalies that arise out of our perception and judgment processes. These anomalies have a significant impact on our intellectual outcome, first of all on the way we make estimations and prognoses.


Do you want to find out, whether you have taken strategically important decisions rationally?

Do you want to increase individual and team productivity in your company?


Do you want to shape your business processes in a way that helps recognize bias at an early stage and mitigate their effects?

Our approach assists you throughout the whole decision-making process, starting from identification of systematic errors in reasoning, creation of individual psychological profiles and training your people how to reduce the effects of biases up to a comprehensive bias-audit of existing business processes.


Equipped with our comprehensive tools you can consistently and effectively detect fallacies and judgment errors.

How do cognitive errors influence business decisions?



This year, Orange 'n' square was invited for the first time by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to host a workshop at the final conference for Young Leaders in Berlin. After successful workshops in decision-making and nudging, we wanted to inspire international fellows with the value of behavioral economics.


In our workshop in Warsaw at the Financial Controlling Summit 2017, we reflected on the concept of business partnering, discussed some practical implications for financial specialists


LIKE THAT! what many of us say, when we are asked about the reasons for our decisions. On  June 20, 2017 we captivated an international group of financial experts at the 5th Annual Financial Controlling Toolbox in Prague with the worthiness of thinking slowly.



Our methods allow for a holistic and efficient identification of Actual/Plan deviation driven by cognitive bias. Having detected the reason of deviations, the areas where the deviation took place and the cases where deviations have been explained with heuristics you can escape from existing paths in decision making and mitigate their effects. 


In M&A processes, intuition and feelings that are driven by the deal often play an important part, e.g. in construction of business development scenarios, estimation of post-merger risks, in shaping of collaboration forms and new products. Integration of DELPHI-Scanning in the due diligence can help you identify and improve potential deal breakers at an early stage.

Business development

Quite often companies emerge whilst amid complex and uncertain conditions, when a grounded decision is almost impossible or is based on subtle estimations and forecasts. Our tools assist you in making precise investment decisions and timely choosing the best development options.


In the construction, shaping and processing of future-oriented concepts, it is important to consider all possible alternatives and properly select the key factors. An iterative bias-check ensures that your strategy development procedures are free from pitfalls.


We help you tune your selection process. With our tool you can effectively recognize patterns in the decision making and cognitive bias of your colleagues and mitigate their effects. 

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